Community resources

We have several different means to contact the developers and communicate with users of Qt Jambi. Depending type of the question, there is several media available.

Internet Relay Chat (A.K.A. IRC)

Many of the developers hang around our official IRC channel, which is in Freenode with name #qtjambi. Webchat here, and quicklink for clients here. We do not have separate channel for developers, helping users, talking about new features and such all happens in this channel, everyone is welcome to hop in and come take part the discussions, get some support or just stalk us.

TL;DR: #qtjambi at freenode

Mailing list

For long and verbose discussions, IRC usually isn’t the best tool available. So we have mailing list to cover these use cases. For quick question ”Why you stupid devs have broken Jambi” IRC is usually fastest way around (I suggest not to ask that one, though :), but given we don’t have paid support member in the IRC chan.

Mailing lists are often best way to get comprehensive answer for questions like, ”I’m trying to implement a tree view using Jambi’s item view system, I’ve tried it like this [insert code] and [insert code] didn’t work either, do you have any ideas how it should work”.

NOTE: Since Nov/Dec 2012 the lists hosted at have ceased operation. The Qt Jambi team were not aware of this deadline nor was any email sent to the list to provide advance notice. We expect to have a new list setup over the next few weeks to be available to subscribe to in mid Jan 2013.

Subscribe to the list
Current mail archives
Old mail archive (before 2008)

Posting messages to mailing list requires subscription to mailing list. A subscription can be done with a web form.

Alternatively, subscription can be made by sending a message to with the subject “subscribe”.


Jambi community does not have its own forum. However, for a forum which Jambi’s developers occasionally follow, there is Qt Developer Network’s forum, and its language bindings section. If mailing lists are not suitable, feel welcome to use this forum to post questions about Jambi.

Language specific forums

Please remember that the developers by default speak only English; use the language specific forums if you want to communicate under your own language.

For french speaking people, there is Jambi section at Developpez forum, where we have heard good community exists.

There is several language groups at Qt DevNet. If your language does not have separate Jambi forum, you may have success there.

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