Copyright information related to website


I suppose you are here wondering what is this strange ♡ used instead of © inside our copyright clause. It is no accident, but rather an attempt spread some love around. See “official” copyheart page for more information how it works.

Despite it says “copy copy” and I don’t think it’s any bad thing, note that copyrights exist for this website too. Whether you obey them or is not in my hands. Content inside this website is licenced with CC-BY-SA, meaning, when you copy content from here, you must tell it is our content. You can modify it to your liking.

Layout is under GPL2 licence. This is because original layout, Lukoo was under that licence and current layout is written from that.

And actual code of Qt Jambi is under LGPL2 or GPL2. Actual licences can be found from the project, inside the repository and in every release we have released.

By the way, fonts used in layout are from Google’s WOFF service, Droid Sans, Droid Serif and Ubuntu.

This page was updated at 17.05.2016