Qt Jambi Demonstrations

This is the list of demonstrations in Qt Jambi's \c demos directory. These are larger and more complicated programs than the Qt Jambi Examples and are used to highlight certain features of Qt Jambi.


Nothing ported so far. Sorry, please be back later. CLI can still be used, though.


  • \l {Vector Deformation} demonstrates effects that are made possible with a vector-oriented paint engine.
  • \l {Path Stroking} shows Qt Jambi's built-in dash patterns and shows how custom patterns can be used to extend the range of available patterns.

Item Views

  • \l{Spreadsheet} demonstrates the use of a table view as a spreadsheet, using custom delegates to render each item according to the type of data it contains.

Rich Text

  • \l {Text Edit} shows Qt Jambi's rich text editing features and provides an environment for experimenting with them.

Main Window

  • \l {Image Viewer} shows how Qt Jambi can be used to make an application with standard GUI features such as menus, tool bars, and dock windows.

Graphics View

  • \l {40000 Chips} shows how to visualize a huge scene with 40000 chip items using Graphics View.


  • \l {Simple HTTP Server} shows how to create a http server by inheriting QTcpServer.


  • \l {Media Player} demonstrates how the Phonon Module can be used to implement a basic media player application.
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