Qt Jambi Eclipse Integration with Jambi Community Libraries

Qt Jambi Eclipse Integration with Jambi Community Libraries

Nokia maintained an Eclipse Integration for Qt Jambi until version 4.5.2, for further details see its documentation. Unfortunately, the plugin's source code was not open sourced together with Qt Jambi's source itself Furthermore, the integration plugin demands a version of the Jambi libraries that was build by Nokia.

To get the Eclipse Integration running with the newer Qt Jambi libraries do the following:

  • Download the Eclipse Integration Plugin (make sure to use the Integration for Jambi (Java), not the C++ one) and extract the files to the plugin folder of your Eclipse instance. Restart Eclipse.
  • Download Nokia's latest Qt Jambi build (4.5.2_01) from their ftp archive and extract the archive to your local machine.
  • In case you do not already have the open source Qt Jambi libraries you can download them here.
  • Start Eclipse, open Window/Preferences/Qt Jambi Preference Page and specify the Jambi location as the folder containing the version 4.5.2_01. Hit the validate button and eclipse should tell your that it found Jambi and everything looks fine (Screen 1).
  • Create a new Java Project (or use your old one), open the project's properties page and add the new jambi libraries (Screen 2).
  • Open Window/Open Perspective/Other and choose the Qt Designer Ui perspective.
  • As a first test, right-click on a package of your Project and choose New/Qt Jambi Designer Form, choose Widget and give it a name. In your Project a *.jui file should occur - open it with a double click and you should be able to add Qt Gui elements to your widget. For every widget a main method is automatically created, so you can run the widget's Java file (Screen 3).

Please keep in mind that some features might not work correct, as the Jambi Eclipse integration is not open source and therefore not part of the community project.

Known limitations

  • The Adding of custom widgets as described in the documentation does not work for me, as the checkbox is always grayed-out.

Tested platforms

win7 sp1 32bit + helios
ubuntu 9.10 32 bit + indigo

Eclipseintegration1 Eclipseintegration2 Eclipseintegration3

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