Your feedback about these releases is very appreciated. Keep in mind that some of these releases may be based on different revisions from the git tree.

Windows Linux Mac OS X
32 bit 64 bit 32 bit 64 bit Universal
Qt Jambi 4.8 4.8.6 4.8.7 4.8.7 4.8.7 4.8.6
AWT bridge Not done Not done 20120531 20120531 Not done

For other official releases check our SourceForge page.

There are also third party builds for MSVC and OSX.

For ubuntu, there are prebuilt debs available: apt-add-repository 'deb maverick main' apt-get update apt-get install libqtjambi


Contributions nowadays happens through Gerrit. Both website’s and Jambi’s source is available through Gerrit.


Jambi’s repositories reside in GitHub.

We have several repositories for different kind of material. All repositories use Git protocol; Contributions can be done either by making merge requests or by pushing into Gerrit.

Qt Jambi repository
AWT bridge
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