4.7 Progress

Posted by Akos Kemives
at 2011-02-19 14:55

Here is a quick overview about the current status of Qt Jambi 4.7.
During the 4.7 development we made a lot of changes including several bugfixes, improvements, feature request implementations. The most important changes are listed below:

  1. The old 'master' branch directory structure was replaced with the refactored active-development branch 'ant-refactor'.
  2. An important feature is that you  now have the ability to build qtjambi against a custom installation of Qt.
  3. Our official bug-tracker moved to http://redmine.smar.fi/projects/qtjambi.

In progress:
There are several tasks currently in heavy development, like implementing the platform-dependent functions, creating deb packages for Ubuntu and a Windows installer.

You can check our tracker to see what remains to be done before the 4.7 release is due.
The community is still in need  of authors willing to write documentation - basically, any kind of help is welcome. Whether you have programming skills or not, if your are willing to contribute please contact us at  http://qtjambi.sourceforge.net/community/interact/!

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