About Samu Voutilainen

Samu Voutilainen one of Qt Jambi’s current developers, the person who infrequently updates this site and maintainer of developer resources like Gerrit and Redmine instances.

He came to Jambi world from frustration to basic Java utilities, specifically to UI side, while developing an application for his company. Wanting to achieve more sane development experiment, he bit the bullet and started to convert the project under Jambi. Back then current version started to get out of date, and eventually encountered a bug that prevented Jambi to work with new Windows versions.

That called for compiling Jambi by hand, and eventually he ported Jambi to new version, from 4.6 to 4.7 and lately, to 4.8. At the process, he was not happy with the development utilities that were used at that point, and converted from Trac to Redmine, introduced Gerrit for better reviewing utilities, and basically made Gitorious just a public mirror for the project.