Qt Jambi 4.7 statuscheck

Posted by Helge Fredriksen
at 2010-09-23 18:23 +0200

We seem to be well in schedule. Or at least better it was with 4.6. :) Working hard towards better Qt Jambi. Below some notes about what have been doing, how much I've idled and so on.

TL;DR? Beta package for Win32 can be found here. For other OSes you need to compile them yourself still. For 4.6 branch's somewhat experimental nature, using 4.7 packages is encouraged. At least we can be help with it.

The qtjambi_4.7 repository is able to build Jambi packages against qt-4.7. We have postponed stable release of qtjambi-4.7 until we have looked the generator output to see everything actually works and to provide missing functionality.

This doesn't mean QML will arrive for first packages. No-one has volunteered herself to implement it, and rest of the team is busy with providing stable qtjambi-4.7... Or at least are busy with something.

I'd like to get stable packages out before end of the next month, with honed classes, brand new build system, improved Mac OS X support and random bug fixes.

I've put some effort to rewrite ant tasks to allow building against system Qt more conveniently and to allow running separate ant tasks without needing to go through whole task tree. Latter is not complete, former is in tree and fully functional. (At least I like to think so!)

Old style QTDIR building is supported still, but I'm not sure it isn't really the way to build. Sure, it can be useful when building against downloaded Qt sources/binaries, but still, I think it'd be better to handle internally. I don't plan to remove that support; I can't guarantee Qt's packaging layout will stay same.

Next steps for me is to finalize ant task modifications and then to look about generator and actually do something visible to users. One important project I hope to get for 4.7 is Javadoc. Whitepapers written for Jambi I'll most likely move to this site, and same for the instructions in the Gitorious Wiki. If you have any obligations, please say so, currently no-one but developers are willing to do anything to the Wiki anyway.

This Wiki "closeup" would mean that user entries for Jambi would go, for example, to Nokia's developer site's Wiki, which actually already has a section for Qt Jambi.

QML, while not being so important for Jambi space, might prove to be pretty handy, allowing more cross-language UI specifications and easier workload for designers.

N900 has Openjdk packages, which means that Jambi should run there too, I have not tried it yet, but it will be pretty interesting test. For that platform QML would be very nice feature. I don't plan to declare we are targeting to mobile platform, though :P

Ángel Eduardo has done some work towards compatibility with new way Qt is packaged for Mac OS X. I hope to get this polished soon, contributors still wanted.

Helge Fredriksen has done for long time much testing for this new build system, various bug fixes and more or less every new package. This includes the new qtjambi-4.7-beta1 package.

And now you want to help me, am I right? No? You'll still want to help me.

Please, first thing what you'd want to do for Jambi. Then, come to talk to me, for example at our IRC channel at #qtjambi at irc.freenode.net, and tell me what you'd want to do. This way I can give you some pointers of what you should know and how to get started.

Proper building instructions are in TODO list, for now please contact to us for help.

This is offtopic, but here I go anyway:
If you have a program you'd want to get a bit publicity, we are going to open a show case area, and will be accepting both open source and commercial software. Please contact to me about this.

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