Mac version is alive! (again)

Posted by arcnor
at 2010-08-18 07:15 +0200

The Mac port of QtJambi has been updated to 4.6.3 like its Linux and Windows siblings. Universal and 64 bits builds have been made available on the project page. Other architectures could be built if there is needed, just ask for them in our IRC channel, mailing list or Mac section of our new and shinny forums :). IRC channel still exists, the mailing list is still down and forums never got wind under them, and we don’t have OSX maintainer as of 2014, so in case someone actually finds this old post, try to find out some newer information.

For now, I (Arcnor) will be the new maintainer of the Mac port, so please test them and complain in the same channels if something doesn't work :).

Also remember, if you want to help with our work, we are in deep need of developers, testers, documentation writers... so if you want to help, use any of the channels I've posted or check our interact with the team page.

Hope that helps!!

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