Migrating away from Gitorious

Posted by Samu Voutilainen
at 2015-04-08 17:46:57 +0300

TL;DR: As Gitorious is closing down as it got acquired by Gitlab, every project there needs to migrate away from there. Our choice is Github.

Qt Jambi originates from internal project of Trolltech, which got acquired by Nokia (and Qt eventually got transferred to Digia, which speeded up creation of Qt Project, which now lives as Qt Company). Nokia had no use for Java bindings, and released it for the community, where we (the community ;) picked up the project. As Qt migrated to Gitorious as part of opening their development process to the community, Qt Jambi was migrated alongside it, and up until now, we had that repository as our public clone.

For a short period, we used Sourceforge as our main development platform, where we had instance of Trac and for example our old website was hosted on it. Nowadays, we only use it for publishing our releases, though we also have mirror of newest files on our server. I was not happy with Sourceforge’s infrastructure, our site (it was Wordpress-based) or that thing someone calls to a bug tracker named Trac, so I went and piece by piece replaced the infrastructure we had to their current components, using my server to host them, and in some cases, using my existing instances, like with Redmine.

There is now Redmine which is used for both issues and as a project wiki, Gerrit which is used for reviewing and merging the code and this website. There is also semi-official way of cloning repo through my git server, with git clone git://smar.fi/qtjambi-community.git, but Gitorious had served as our official mirror for long time. We pondered different choices and resulted to Github, where we now have new repository. Since I used Gerrit repository instead of Gitorious repository as base for new repository, it is possible there is some discrepancies between commits of two trees, resulting pulling data from new repository with existing clone not working. This process should now go better, as there is more direct connection between Gerrit and Github.

On Gitorious, we had several different projects, where qtjambi-community was the repository that were us (community’s) repository, and qtjambi was the original repository of Trolltech, and our Gerrit follows this naming principle. I do not see a reason to keep this name any more, so now our new repository is simply named as Qt Jambi, or as it says on Github, qtjambi.

For next infrastructure task, since our Redmine and Gerrit resides on shared environment with my personal projects, I think migrating them under qtjambi.org umbrella makes sense. I don’t see this exactly high priority thing, though, so I’ll be personally working with these qtjambi5 commits. They seem to require splitting to more atomic pieces, and some serious whitespace cleanup, but the actual content seems to be ok, for many parts. Any help with doing this manual work, giving each commit proper commit message and reviewing the contents would be really appreciated!

PS: I think I still need to adjust the layout somehow, this post feels like a wall of text... rolls eyes

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