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Posted by Samu Voutilainen
at 2014-12-25 18:52:08 +0200

I don’t know how many actually frequently visits us, with our website updating so rarely and containing so little
information, but still: I just published an update to the website.

There is also new Mac OS X release, built by João Almeida. It can be found from downloads page.

Main improvement is actually removal of old features, that means, removing the old Enki CMS engine, which
at some point stopped working, as I updated the site from Rails 3 to Rails 4, or by Enki update. I’ve never
really been fan of that kind of content management interfaces anyway, I even work on backend side on web professionally.

At some point I started to use Octopress, Jekyll based blog-like system, for some personal needs, and instantly liked how it worked,
and when I thought that I should for once try to update our site, and write new blog post, seeing the broken admin interface,
I just wanted to dump it and replace it with something more saner.

Octopress, or Jekyll, as convenient they are, are not exactly the best to get integrated with Rails, but I did find simple, Jekyll-like,
solution and decided to convert the blog to this new interface. I started to convert old posts to this new engine, but thinking about
relatively low volume of requests in, I decided not to spend too much time with this. They can be found from
here still, though.

I also thought of fully converting to Octopress, but there is some dynamic features we have in use, and web documentation I’ve been
wanting to implement will use the same system. So using Octopress would require implementing this kind of features with Javascript,
which would enforce people to use Javascript to slow down usage of the website (now it’s used only as option), and I’m not really good
with Javascript anyway.

Most of our late development activity has happened through our IRC channel and Redmine
and though we don’t have any particular features to show, we’ve mostly focused on making Jambi more stable. I merged the big bunch of commits
Darryl pushed a year ago or so, and then have made several simple commits in attempt to stabilize Jambi even further. There is few
windows-bundling related commits on hold still, as you can see at Gerrit,
to wait for a time I (or someone else) have windows computer to iron out rest of the issues with them, so I can allow myself accepting them to tree.

One of most asked question I’ve seen is about support for Qt 5, but sadly, we still don’t have tech preview for that. There has been some work
towards this, but I haven’t been able to investigate how complete they are, hence I can’t recommend testing them out, unless you wish to finish
original author’s work and want to contribute it to us properly. I’d really appreciate if someone would want to do that, though :)

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