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Posted by Samu Voutilainen
at 2010-12-30 09:33 +0200

Isn't it cute? :)

For more serious news, I was planning to move this website out from the Sourceforge server for responsiveness and to allow some, to me critical, features like spam filtering to work. I encountered some technical problems in form of surprise packets effectively rendering me out from the game. If anyone has spotted, the bug tracker is down for that reason. Be patient, it will start running again soon.

To get some amount of safety against this kind of things, I've decided to open donation options. Frankly, I'm not too eager to do it, since I think donations doesn't really matter for the developers. After all, what Jambi needs, is code contributions, as all the devs seems to be busy with other minor things like work. So I'm basically hoping to get enough (and hopefully continuous :) donations to get proper server'a'like for Jambi to use either in parallel with mine or just alone and other one working as backup. Such a thing could also work as build server for package building.

This leads to more interesting topic: 4.7 release is starting to near! I'd say I could release RC now, but I'm somewhat out from the Internet, so I'm going to delay it until someone else does release procedures or I get stuff running and me back in the business. Interesting highlights includes fixes in generator with few added features (improved support for custom libraries), most of 4.7 stuff added to typesystem and for Windows support for MinGW.

Back to the donations. (yes I could stay in the topic, but no-one wants to read just about donations, do you ;) There is for each blog post a Flattr button at bottom of it and one generic one at top of each page. This generic one is same for each page of the site.

There is no proper donation buttons since Paypal is evil and no-one else wants to take care of me. So please bear with Flattr, it at least is nice service. If you live in Europe, you can also do direct bank transfer to me, please contact me for account information. Our local laws (combined with dummy court) are a bit strange so I'm not too sure I can publish the account for the public.

Comments are disabled until I get the site moved out and proper spam filter in place. I got bored to have someone else saying me a comment was spam instead of real message. is angry to spammers

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