Release notes for QtJambi 4.6.3

Posted by Helge Fredriksen
at 2010-07-10 19:02 +0200

Most notable changes to qtjambi source it self is now an ongoing project in smar-sandbox that Samu Voutilainen is the main author of. This work has not been compiled into this release. Will be setup as a new 4.7 repository soon.

  • Merged the work of Peter Droste that made QtScript, QtScriptTools and QtMultimedia and QtHelp libraries available to qtjambi. Also, new classes that weren't ported (esp. graphics effects) is included now.

Qt Jambi Generator

  • Added new example on how to use the generator to generate java stubs for the famous KDE marble project.

  • Restructured the generator examples to the examples directory


  • Finally found the problem that caused the qtjambi designer plugin to fail. The designer.bat file removed everything in the path except %cwd%\bin, causing loading of jvm.dll to fail since it could not find dependent files like msvc**.dll

Build system

  • Added OSInfo class to the qtjambi-**.jar, removed qtjambi-utils-**.jar from package


  • Fixed problem with phonon related examples such as HelloWebKit.
  • Removed the qtjambi.exe file since it caused crashes on WinXP. Exchanged it with qtjambi.bat that is more transparent for changes.

Known bugs

  • QWebView unable to open https links.

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