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Posted by Helge Fredriksen
at 2010-08-31 11:44

There, finally sat down and found out that yeah, I needed that QtJambi setup in IntelliJ to be able to work on the java part of the project. Also, IntelliJ has a pretty nice way of setting up all modules and dependencies in the code, so it's also useful for giving a QtJambi newcomer a good overview of how the project is built up. At least on the java part of it... For c++ devs I recommend opening the file in the QtCreator.

I've pushed the setup files into a new directory called IDE-setup on the 4.7 repo and put a HOWTO in the IntelliJ subdirectory. Have a look here

First, you need to build the project. Have a look at for help with that.

  1. Open the project in IntelliJ
  2. Open up the settings for the project with the keyboard shortcut ctrl-alt-shift-S
  3. Go to Project -> Project SDK and change to the location of the Java SDK you want to use.
  4. Go to Libraries -> ant and ensure that you have the right location for ant.jar (detach/attach the jar)
  5. Now, it should be possible to compile the java files using ctrl-F9
  6. You could also setup the Launcher class in the example module as a run target. Here's a descripton on how to do that:
    1. Open up the run configuration (Run -> Edit Configurations in the menu)
    2. Main class: com.trolltech.launcher.Launcher
    3. Use classpath and JDK of module: examples
    4. This should bring up the example app upon shift-F10!

So, now we're just waiting for someone to fill in with the Eclipse setup, the KDevelop setup, etc.

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