Simple QtJambi build system starter

Posted by Helge Fredriksen
at 2010-08-19 07:43

To give people some slight overview of how the QtJambi framework is build up, I decided to sit down and write this blog. The standard documentation from Nokia/Trolltech is excellent, but might be a bit too technical if you just want to have a quick overview of the inner workings.

Here's a quick drawing which shows the basic processes involved in generating the QtJambi jar files:

alt text

Starting from pure QtJambi source, all these processes are triggered sequentially by the default ant task (all) in build.xml. Actually, one process is missing, the one for the compilation of the generator itself.

As you can see, the build system is quite intricate. To work with it requires a bit patience, especially since you have to deal with both generated AND manually written c++ AND java code. The end result is bundled together in the three end jar files shown in the bottom left box, but to understand all the intermediate stages can be daunting. Another thing you have to understand is the custom ant tasks that is written to accomplish generator, c++ compilation and qmake stages directly from ant. These have special java code too and are of course one of the first things that are compiled.

Anyway, even though the QtJambi build system is a bit heavy to understand, it product is diamonds, right?

PS: When the trolls ruled over QtJambi, they made a lot of documentation for it. The best index can be found here.

Most of the stuff here is still valid for 4.6, although some of it has been deprecated like the Eclipse integration. However, the designer can still be run as a standalone application.

Enough for now, I will add more blogs about this software later on, a totally unexpected heat wave suddenly hit Bodø...

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