smar-sandbox, or plans about 4.7

Posted by Samu Voutilainen
at 2010-07-11 11:15 +0200

My work originally started as to fix some Jambi bugs that have been annoying me and preventing my work related project's success. Even now, I haven't really have been able to fix those bugs...

It's like they don't even exist. It varies between systems, even if clients are using same OS, what actually happens. Sometimes nothing works, sometimes it just works. So I shifted my attention to other things. It is hard to fix anything you can't reproduce.

I didn't quit from Jambi, though.

I've never been really enthusiastic about first taking a copy of Qt, compiling it, and then compiling Jambi against that Qt. To have exactly same Qt in system and then to be forced to compile it again in order to have same libraries for deployment of packages... It adds hours to initial setup of Jambi development environment, and if something goes wrong, one is most likely very puzzled. I remember I have been.

So I went and broke the build system. Literally.

Then I assembled the build system to be able to build against system Qt. After I got that working, I started to implement QTDIR support back. You heard right, I implemented it, not just fixed the old system. This is because I altered the build system so that it uses paths from to look of stuff, and not QTDIR. Now, those paths are automatically set from QTDIR if QTDIR is set.

This work is far from complete, but I think it is in point it could be called "beta". No, not stable, unless I get some serious testing for it.

Another thing I have been doing, is MinGW support. It is somewhat complete, I just have not been able to build packages that would actually work. This means, there is basic support for it, and nothing is broken because of it. It has been tested that one can build MSVC packages with no problems using this repository.

This is not really related to 4.7 work at all. This is mostly because no-one has actually started that work yet. We don't really want to be few months late from initial 4.7 release with Jambi 4.7 packages, so at least someone would need to start that work already. I won't be able to do it until I get work in this repository ready for public. In this point, unless someone has already started the port, I'll make a 4.7 repository, put my stuff inside there, and continue from there. Maybe that will get more people interested in...

In a completely different topic, I have been thinking of implementing some kind of configuration utility for compilation. I haven't yet been able to work out how I could do it, so all ideas about it will be eagerly welcome.
And making not enforced, but to just emit an warning. It is known that you can well compile against 4.6.3 Qt a 4.6.0 Qt Jambi snapshot, since there should be more or less only bug fixes. If that policy should be applied to compiling, for example, 4.7.0 with 4.6.3 source, I'm not really sure. Feedback about this is very welcome too.

Since I forgot all important stuff, drop questions...

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