User resources

Includes howtos, examples and other resources developers using Qt Jambi as library would benefit.



To be done.


Available here


The project does not have its own wiki as no-one actually inserted any data to it. Though, there is a Qt Jambi section at Qt Developer Network’s wiki for Jambi. If you don’t want to communicate with me to get your work available from this site (see bottom bar for licence of this site), you can modify that Wiki to have the material you want to contribute to us.

A good start would be to fix the page linked above...

Maven repository

To be done; there is undergoing work of rewriting Jambi over Jambi. Stay tuned.

Success stories

There is several open source projects and commercial companies using Jambi for their products. You can see our picks here.

Report a problem

Have you found a problem in Jambi? We would really like hear about it. You can submit an entry to our bug tracker at issue report page. It requires registering an account and/or logging in due increasing spam problem, sorry for inconvenience.

Same tracker can also be used to submit feature requests or other suggestions. If you are not certain what you have is a bug or real problem, you might want to ask about it using one of the communication methods available.

More information here.

Miscellaneous links

Various links to other Jambi resources that might be of interest to developers using the framework.

User centric links

Qt Jambi centric links

You may suggest your own links by sending them to us.

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